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The Symphonic Band is the most elite wind organization on the Campbell High School Campus, which explores the more challenging traditional and contemporary works for band. The Symphonic Band plays at all of the Band Department’s concerts each semester, as well as Large Group Performance Evaluation in the spring. Membership for this group is set by audition at the end of each school year. 



The Concert Band is another one of the bands on the Campbell High School campus, which explores many different genres of music throughout the year and plays at all of the Band Department’s concerts, as well as Large Group Performance Evaluation in the spring. 


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The Spartan Band is composed of a majority of freshman musicians. Every new band member spends a year in the Spartan Band to learn the fundamentals of music as well as basic music theory in order to prepare him or her for higher-level bands. They also prepare music for the Large Group Performance Evaluation in the spring. 




The CHS marching band is one of the most visible performing groups with the Campbell High School Band, as they attend multiple competitions each fall as well as all of the football games. At the football games, the band plays music in the stands for entertainment and also cheer on the Spartan Football team. At competitions, the band performs for judges and large stadiums full of spectators. It is highly encouraged that all students participate in the marching band, as there are many things students will learn in this group that the other students may not learn, as well as this being the largest social group within our program.



The Jazz Band starts rehearsing during the second semester and are regularly invited to perform at school and gigs in the local community. Students get to expand on skills learned in the classroom and apply them in a different way-- learning history, theory, improvisation skills,  and more! Each year they attend the Cobb County Jazz Festival for evaluation. The Jazz Band is open for anyone to join and is another great way to become involved in our program and grow as a musician.



The Morning Ensembles are completely student led and student driven chamber groups that meet weekly throughout the school year. These ensembles receive the opportunity to play at numerous school and community events over the course of the year. Ensembles that have existed through this program include- Saxophone Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, and Brass Ensemble. These groups also go on to be evaluated at Solo & Ensemble Festival every year. This ensemble is open to all Campbell students regardless of involvement in a music program.



Percussion Ensemble is the newest addition to our program. Rehearsing in the spring, students are exposed to a wide range of repertoire consisting of different techniques. 

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